Beauty for Ashes

April 3, 2007 at 10:12 am Leave a comment

I never used to wear makeup at all unless it was for a performance (or because Mommy made me wear it for photos). It seemed to me like wearing makeup was trying to cover up what God had made…and what God had made must be beautiful, right?

Except that I didn’t think I was beautiful.

Perhaps I didn’t wear makeup because I thought it wouldn’t make a difference. Because I wouldn’t measure up. Or simply because I wanted to be different. Quite honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t wear it. I just didn’t.

Until after the day of revelation.

I don’t remember the date, but I know where I was sitting and I can remember the hot tears that came streaming down my cheeks the moment my heart finally accepted the truth…God created me to be beautiful.

In that moment I realized the pain I must have caused my Lord. No artist wants to be told his masterpieces are ugly, that he has failed as a designer. And no father can bear to see his children hurting because they believe they are less lovely than their siblings, maybe even loved less because of it, and thinking that somehow their daddy has let them down. But that’s exactly what I had been doing. Believing that God, the ultimate Artist, my loving Abba, had failed when He created me.

The pain I felt at hurting Him was almost too much to handle. Repentant tears fell hard and fast. He created me. I am beautiful. The truth was brilliant, shining like a hundred stars piercing through the deep black night.

After that evening the change began slowly. As I began to see myself as the Creator’s masterpiece, I desired to present myself to the world as a master painter presents his portraits…beautifully framed with just the right lighting. Attention to my dress, as well as attention to my face, through which I hope that the light of Jesus shines, became a testimony to God’s faithfulness, beauty, love, and skill as the one true Artisan.

Now, instead of hiding my lack of beauty, I wanted to share the beauty that I knew He had created. Certainly I could not improve upon what He had made, but I could present it with my best efforts. For am I not the temple of the Holy Spirit? He deserves to live in a beautiful and finely furnished dwelling place.

This is not to say that I always wear makeup or that when I do I wear it to great extremes. Actually, most days I wear none at all. But when the attitude of my heart changed, the freedom to present myself like royalty became real. I am a daughter of the King. When people look at me, they should see a princess.


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