October 6, 2007

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What a day!

Saturday morning dawned bright and…well, I was actually still in bed, so I can only assume that it dawned bright since it was in the upper 80’s and sunshiny when I got up around 11:00. Yes, 11:00. πŸ™‚

The family was getting ready to leave for a 65th wedding anniversary celebration, but I took a few minutes to check my e-mail to see if there was anything begging a fast reply. To my dismay, I discovered that one of PayPal accounts had been accessed by a third party and had money taken from it. Granted, it was a small amount, but it was money nonetheless. Identity theft is one of those things that everyone always thinks will “never happen to me.” Well, it has now happened to me, and it didn’t fill me up with joy either. I was pleased however, to see that PayPal was quick to recognize that the withdrawal was made by an unauthorized entry, and they’ve added extra security measures to my account and are trying to get it sorted out. I tried calling the customer service center but after 10 minutes on hold, it was my turn to get ready for the events of the day (we’ve only one bathroom), so I had to hang up and just trust that PayPal has it all under control and the Lord will work it out for good.

We had a lovely time at the anniversary celebration. Sixty-five years of marriage is truly something to celebrate and honor! Grandma and Grandpa Harvey (some of our “adopted” grandparents through their children and grandchildren who are very dear friends of ours) have quite a legacy and are such truly incredible examples for us to follow. It was splendid to be able to celebrate with them.

From the anniversary party, we left to meet my grandparents and a few other relatives at my uncle’s house for supper (Pizza-Hut pizza and birthday cake πŸ™‚ ). On the way, Daddy stopped off near the airport to get something to drink. He took an abnormally long time coming back out to the car, but was quick to let us know what the delay was about.

Apparently there was a deaf woman in line in front of him, and she had been writing notes to the clerk, whose own English wasn’t terribly wonderful. Even with the written notes the two of them were not communicating clearly and were growing increasingly perplexed. The clerk finally took Daddy’s payment and let him on his way. The deaf woman was with her husband, who was deaf himself, and they were standing outside their truck, looking a bit bewildered. Daddy gave me a brief of the situation and we drove over to the couple. I hopped out of the car while asking Jesus to help me with my sign language. Timidly I approached the couple and ventured a “need help?” to the woman in ASL. She said “yes” and immediately went off in a flurry of sign language. With a smile I told her that my knowledge of ASL was small, but that I could fingerspell. Her husband then began to spell to me…a little slower than I had anticipated. πŸ™‚ At least it wasn’t too fast, though! I got a basic idea of the problem and went inside to speak to the clerk, who was getting ready to head outside. He then let me know his take on the problem. Several minutes later it was all sorted out and we were on our way again, and I have new determination to find opportunities to improve my ASL skills.

(And for the curious among you…when the gas nozzle was removed from the gas tank, it didn’t shut off right away and gasoline was spilled all over the ground. The clerk insisted that the couple must not have unlocked the lever properly and thought that they were disputing the amount they had been charged. In reality, the customers were merely trying to be helpful in letting the clerk know that the pump wasn’t working properly and that there was a lot of gasoline on the ground that needed to be cleaned up. It’s amazing how often we take easy communication for granted!)

The situation mended, we were back on the road. The visit at my uncle’s house was fabulous. A little sad at first, since it’s our first visit there since my aunt went to be with Jesus, but it was great to see how well my uncle and cousins are doing now. We were joined by my grandparents, one of my aunts and another cousin, and my sister and her family. We had a splendid time visiting, sharing stories from the week, and playing a game together. I’m so grateful that the Lord’s blessed me so abundantly and that, without hesitation, I can say that my best friends are among the members of my family.


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