Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Waving the Flag of Feminism

October 21, 2007 at 11:21 am 1 comment

This post is from one of my older sisters. She regularly blogs here, but I wanted to share this particular post with my readers.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with organizations of every variety acting as advertising conduits for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Donations to the Foundation abound during this month in particular. This is a tragedy. Now, before you berate me for being heartless and cruel toward those suffering with breast cancer, let me assure you that this is not the case! Such suffering is nothing to take lightly and, in fact, I lost an aunt to breast cancer just this summer. The issue is important to me. The tragedy lies, not in the fact that the Foundation is dealing with breast cancer, but in the fact that it isn’t.

Delaying or avoiding childbearing, and refusing to nurse the babies one does have, are some of the most significant risk factors for breast cancer. I am not disparaging single women, or others who are unable to bear children for whatever reason. I also don’t intend to imply that any individual woman has cancer because of the avoidance of childbearing or that having children is a guarantee of good health. Nevertheless, our typically selfish and/or androgynous modern lifestyles are the primary reasons we are at risk. This connection is well-known among researchers and doctors in general, and must certainly be well-known to those at the Susan G. Komen Foundation. They do not, however, encourage women to fulfill their natural, God-ordained roles as women by bearing, birthing, and nurturing children, which is the most obvious means available to us for reducing our risk. Why not? Our health is not really their greatest concern. Their whole intention is to encourage feminism, and to deceive an unsuspecting public into paying for mothers to employ government-sanctioned hit men to brutally murder their unborn children.

What?? Yes, indeed. Although the Susan G. Komen Foundation may fund some token efforts to seek a cure for breast cancer (which I have a hard time believing could be very wholehearted efforts, considering their complete disregard for the clear risk factors outlined above), they put significant funding into Planned Parenthood, which is well known for it’s provision of abortions (which are also a risk factor for breast cancer) and support of “anything-goes” abortion legislation. What a travesty! In the name of “protecting women,” the Foundation is actually encouraging those very things which kill women (not to mention their preborn children).

So how about true breast cancer awareness? The most important things to avoid, to reduce one’s risk, are abortion, estrogen-based birth control, delayed childbearing or intentional barrenness, and bottle-feeding of the children one does have. In fact, I found the following statistics at

“We know from a large sifted study of women with breast cancer, and without, who had children, that every year you breast-feed reduces your risk of breast cancer by 4.3 percent. Every child you have reduces your risk of breast cancer by 7 percent. And every year earlier than age 28 that you have those children reduces your risk by 3 more percent.”

I find it interesting, in light of all this, that God’s Word tells us that, “she [woman] will be saved in childbearing…” (1 Tim. 2:15) While physical health is not the primary intention of this verse in context, the science suggests there may be a literal, physical parallel as well. Bearing children can be literally life-saving, life-preserving!



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