Frugal Fridays – clothing swap

October 26, 2007 at 1:15 am Leave a comment

As the cold begins to creep in about us and the warmth of the summer fades into deep nights,  the time comes to trade sundresses for thick skirts and sweaters and to pull the boots and cozy slippers from the backs of our closets as we say goodbye to barefoot mornings.

Now, as the seasons change and we swap out our summer wardrobes for our winter ones, is the best time to purge. Go through your clothes and set aside the ones that are too big or too small. The shirts that have lain in the bottom of your drawer for the last two years, never worn.  The skirt you loved in the store and but still don’t have a top to match.

Make a list of what you need to find to complete outfits. Place items you never wear into a pile to give away.

But don’t take them to the thrift store just yet!

It’s time for the first festival of the season. Let your girlfriends know that you’ve gone through your closet and are ready to give away all the items you don’t wear, but that you need a few select pieces and you’d love to look through the clothing they no longer wish to keep.  Make up a few batches of goodies and invite over your friends! (It is a wise idea to make sure that there are several people there of the same size.)

Set aside specific locations for dresses, skirts, pants, tops, shoes, and accessories, in order to make it easier for people to sort through what’s available. As you and your friends look for the items y’all need to complete your wardrobes, you’re helping each other clear out unwanted articles of clothing, saving money, and having fellowship at the same time!

Once the party’s over, box up the remaining clothing to give away. Thrift stores are great, as there’s usually at least one in every town. Another option, and one that I personally favor, is to donate your clothing to a girls’ home or battered women’s shelter. What a blessing to the ladies who live there!


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