Frugal Fridays: e-savings account

December 14, 2007 at 9:30 pm Leave a comment

I realize I’m a little late with this, but it is still Friday! 😀 I didn’t get to posting before I left for work this morning (Fridays are my days at the HEAV office). Anyway . . . here’s my frugal tip for this week . . .

I’ve had a savings account since I was a little girl but interest rates seem to continue dropping and the account I’ve had for the last dozen years is garnering me next-to-nothing interest on the savings I’ve accumulated. My daddy’s helped me do some research but, short of investing in stocks or bonds, there’s just not much out there that will offer much in the way of interest. After much searching I came across a money market account that offers 5% interest and makes getting to my money relatively simple (for a money market account), but after looking at that particular account for several months, I still wasn’t too keen on it.

A little more looking and I finally came across it – an e-savings account at BB&T. I already bank at BB&T, so I’m familiar with how they work (and am very pleased that they will not loan money to corporations that have acquired land via eminent domain). The next great thing? They offer nearly 4% interest. But it’s an e-savings account, so how easy is it to get to money if I need it? Incredibly simple! They sent me an ATM card that I can use to withdraw money wherever there’s an ATM.

I just got my first statement a couple days ago and I’m already earning interest. It’s so encouraging to see that the money the Lord has entrusted to me is “growing,” rather than just sitting stagnant in a bank vault somewhere.


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