Who do you aspire to be like?

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On Monday evening a very lovely young lady wrote what I thought to be a very lovely blog post. I thought it so lovely in fact, that I immediately asked her permission to share it here. She was quite gracious and wrote me right back to say that I could indeed. So here it is:

Who do I aspire to be like?

Well, wandering around on HSA can get you into trouble. Did you know that? I read a post that said at the end, “Ok, all you who read this, your tagged, go and do thou likewise, who do you ascribe to be like?” So now I am stuck with having to write about it. Of course, if I really didn’t want to I just wouldn’t, and I doubt anyone could get a posse up to arrest me for it.  Wink I suppose there is no harm in it though, so I will write about it. I do, however, think that aspire might be more the term to go with the idea, so I changed it. Razz

If I could pick just one person, I would pick Jesus, because ultimately, every other person that I want to be like is just reflecting the wonder, beauty, and likeness of the Love of my life, Jesus Christ. Most of all, I guess it would be His kindness that I want to have, and His love for the oppressed and obnoxious human beings around Him – a love that sometimes makes Him ferocious, but never unkind. Have you ever stopped to think about how He will wound the oppressor in order to not only rescue the oppressed, but the oppressor as well? At other times it will look to us that the oppressor is getting away with everything, only to find out later that Jesus was using that to gently call them away from evil and into His arms and righteousness.

I also aspire to be like many of my friends, who speak of Jesus very naturally and often, as though He were actually… real – and real to them – like they would of any other friend! I aspire to be like the ones who can enjoy the beauty around them, within them, and within others without trusting in that beauty. I want to be a true friend, to love because God loves, and not for what I can get from others, or because they are so good, perfect, or easy to be around.

I aspire to be like Amy Carmichael, the ten Boom family, and so many others who risked everything for God and His people. I aspire to be like the wise woman in the “princess books” (as I call them) who gave her life to serve both rich and poor, wise and foolish, grateful and ungrateful, without demanding as she could have, that she be treated like royalty. She, like Queen Esther, understood that her royalty was for a purpose greater than herself.

I could write more if I thought more, but I guess that is enough for now. I think this project will remind me to think more about it.


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